Digitized Record To Enhance The Quality Of Care And Improve The Lifespan Of Patients

Digitized Record To Enhance The Quality Of Care And Improve The Lifespan Of Patients

Digitized Record To Enhance The Quality Of Care And Improve The Lifespan Of Patients

The technological advancements have transformed different areas of the life to optimize the services obtained to the users. One of the major changes that have drastically brought differences in areas of education, tourism, healthcare, etc. is the rise of the internet. The major changes are seen in the healthcare industry as the improvements like Electronic Clinical History (ECH) can improve the quality of treatment and expand the lifespan of patients. The ECH is the digital version of the patient’s record that contains vital information that can influence the treatment and care offered. It has the comprehensive medical information about the patients to provide right medical assistance. It contains the following information;

  • The electronic medical history has the details about the diagnosis of the disease, treatment plan adopted, the medication provided to the patients, and the information regarding allergies, immunization dates, lab reports, radiology images, etc.

  • The digital information can help the caregivers use the right tools to make an accurate decision regarding the patient’s health. It also automates and streamlines the workflow.

  • As the information is accessible only to authorized people, it is safe from getting leaked. The vital information is easy to share among specialists to take the right steps to ensure better treatment.

Advantages Of Electronic Clinical History

The digitized record has the potential to transform the face of treatment obtained by the patients resulting in saving time, effort, and money. The digital record can enhance the quality of life of patients in the following ways;

  • It reduces the room for error compared to the paper records.

  • It improves the communication between healthcare professionals as it becomes easy to access vital information with ease.

  • It helps in developing a better treatment plan that can offer better diagnosis and treatment to enhance the patient’s quality of life.

  • It offers vital information to the doctors in case of emergencies and makes the tracking of follow-ups easier.

The Electronic Clinical History has the potential to improve the symptom management and optimize the performance of hospital to offer better care to people.



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